Ongoing the story of the most intense chapter of Culloden battlefield, we brought the confrontational but romance ambience throughout our n17 collection.

We continued to investigate the journey of Bonnie Charles Stuart and the Jacobite. Throughout the the tragedy failed of the Jacobite rising, to Highland clothes & culture features. These elements establish the backstory for the new season.


We brought up the Highland culture and the battle of Culloden at the core of the season. We explore the Scottish check patterns to actual material used on Bonnie Charles Stuart’s garments and the silhouette of the Highland clothes.

Craftsmanship is the root of the brand, deliver the warm touch to the garments throughout our hand , devote our mind and soul.  In this season we had examined different form of hand embroidery & hand stitching. Which inspired by the book ‘The Lyon in Mourning’, written by Margaret McDonald of Kingsburgh. In this book, it shows a piece of swatches from Charles’s garment, with the fascinating green floral pattern on it. We used it as an afflatus to develop our mood and pattern of textile, by transformed the green floral pattern into 3D hand embroidery with mixed material (cashmere yarn and organza ).

For our print design of the season. The idea was from the present the route of the Jacobite in Culloden battlefield. By  presenting as a graphical timeline of the battle with the soldiers. Throughout the journey of different scenes of the war, to for those sacrificed soldiers became angels in their afterlife. Furthermore,  with the soft green tone of colour to moderate the tragedy episodes of the war.

we attempted to consist of these historical features and mood to reinterpret to our artistic dimension.


Culloden battlefield inspired printed silk shirt and skirt.

Highland clothes inspired silhouette. The left one made with Italian floral pattern linen jacquard fabric. The right one made with Japanese Floral embroidery fabric.

Charles Edward Stuart inspired vintage green floral print linen fabric mixed with the vintage corset element inspired long coat lining.

In-house made, hand embroidery with mixed of yarn, organza and thread.

Natural dyed creased fabric with composition of metallic fiber and cotton.

Scottish check pattern fabric trench coat with layers of organza. (Irregular Cold Dye)

The coat of arms from One of the Jacobite follower’s clan. We developed it as the pattern of the laser cut button.