The backstory of our N16 collection were began from The Battle of Culloden in 1746. The war were began by the final confrontation of Jacobite rising, which againsted to the government army and fighted for independent. However the result of the battle were grievous and indignant, the Jacobite army were defeated by British government force.

Despite the collapse of the Jacobite campaign, many of their supporters were secretly showing their support toward Jacobite by their presence of tartan in portraiture. This symbol were employed almost exclusively male portraits. However this also became a trend in female supporters andregarded as a emblem of braveness in this conservative and dangerous time.

The fearless spirit of the Jacobite army and supporters, alongside the sorrowful and freedom desired background were the center stage of our N16 collection started.


Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobites


We inspired by some elements from the historical background of the war, such as the female jacobite supporters in traditional tartan pattern, militaristic details and kilts of the highland soldiers. 

All these elements became an extension of traditional aesthetic to our contemporary aesthetics, were created byexperiment different form of tartan pattern and draping of kilts.


Battle of Culloden inspired print silk jacket. Printed in Italy Como.

Claret cotton velvet coat with smocking details on top.

Rust colour vintage print pleated dress, made by composition of 100% organza cotton from Italy Como.

Beige pilled patched coat. Virgin wool mix cashmere fabric on upper part, mohair mix alpaca material on lower part.

Black tartan pattern viscose jacquard with satin structure fabric.

Vintage print on lining

Hand stitching floral embroidery and virgin wool jacquard fabric with shiny polyamides yarn.